How do you sell your clothes?

It's time! You have decided to tackle it professionally. You have now made a latex clothing line / collection, or a few nice single latex pieces. And you want to sell it! But how do you handle that?

We have a number of tips.


The finish must be top! So no glue residue, edges, or crooked seams. A consumer is critical. And that is also possible because special latex clothing is usually not cheap.

Take beautiful pictures.

Latex clothing that hangs on a pendant, or that is on a table, usually does not look very attractive to buy for customers. Latex always shows the best when there is 'something' in it. Then you can be a mannequin, or you are a model of your own latex clothing, or you can show the clothes by a model.

The more professional that looks, the better the sale of course.


Make sure the mannequin looks good. Clean, no scratches or stains. Hang a green or blue cloth behind the mannequin (also on the floor) and take the picture. You can then with software remove the background super easily. And possibly add another background via the PC. If you find that too much work, ensure a neutral background and possibly blur it. After all, it concerns the latex clothing and not the background.

You are your own model

There are also latex clothing designers / designers, who are models of their own clothing. Super convenient! But make sure that everything is correct. So modest background, or very special so that it matches the latex outfit. Hairdress, make-up, accessories, nails, matching shoes ... everything has to be right. So not at home in the kitchen to quickly take a picture with in the background the trash and the food bowls of the cats ...

Collaborate with a model

If you think yourself not suitable for showing the latex clothes? No problem, then you will work together with a model. First think about what type of man / woman would be suitable for your clothes. What are you looking for type, appearance, sizes, etc.? You can approach models yourself via Facebook (there are also various groups where models are offered), Instagram etc. You can then take the photos yourself or you can work together with a photographer.

Collaborate with a photographer

If you can not or do not want to take photos yourself, you can work with a photographer. Often, latex models themselves have a photographer with whom they work together. The reverse is also the case, photographers who often collaborate with certain models. That is useful because they know each other and know what it is to show and photograph latex.

Making a nice photo of latex clothing is an art in itself. That is why it is wise to work with a photographer who has already made pictures of latex clothes (you can ask for portfolio or just Googling for a while). A photographer sometimes also has his own style. It must therefore fit your idea, which works the fastest and easiest.


Ok ... you have the latex clothes, a latex model, and a photographer. So you could start thinking! Not yet!

Make sure you make arrangements in advance with the people you are going to work with. Speak a number of things so you do not stand empty-handed, such as no photos and broken latex clothes, or clothing that does not return, etc.

Possible agreements:

  • Atmosphere of the photos
  • Number of photos per outfit
  • Size / resolution of processed photos (not on stamp size, you can not do anything with that).
  • Use of the photos (you want them on your website, social media, flyers etc.)
  • How does the model get he clothing? Do you send it? Will they pick it uyp?
  • When will the clothes return?
  • Can the model keep the clothes? (free? discount?)
  • What do you do when the model destroys the clothes?
  • What do you do when you are at a party, and suddenly you see your model in your clothes?
  • Alternative arrangements


Of course you do not take the photos for nothing! You want to sell exposure, latex clothing and increase your brand name / brand. It is therefore essential that everyone sticks to copyright.

Who is entitled to what? It is fairly simple on the basis of article 1 of the Auterswet:

"Copyright is the exclusive right of the author of a literary, scientific or artistic work, or of his assigns, to make this public and to reproduce it, subject to the limitations imposed by law."

  • The model has portrait rights.
  • The maker of the latex clothing has copyright in the design of the clothing.
  • The maker of the latex used has the copyright to the design of the latex.
  • The creator of the photo has copyright on the design of the photograph.

In concrete terms, this means that you and / or the model are not allowed to use the photograph of the photographer, for example, without mentioning the name of the photographer. Because the photographer is the maker / artist of the photo. Etc.

Therefore, it is important that you (everybody) always mention the rights / credits of the artists, makers, models, photographers, make-up artist, stylist, hairdresser, etc. Everything and everyone through which the picture (= end result) came about. Also so-called 'behind the scenes' photos made by yourself, for example. As soon as you start to use and distribute the photographs (commercially) (online or offline), you must make a statement of credits.

Speak this clearly with the photographer. Can you use his photos on your website to sell the clothes? Can you make flyers with the photos made by him or her? Etc.

In short, make good agreements to avoid disappointments.

And now?

Pfff, a lot of information? Yes that's right! But then you know in advance where you stand. You can of course jump into the deep, but you can also contact other latex designs / makers, who have already preceded you. Ask them tips, inputs, contacts etc. That is not crazy or strange, because they also started of course ....

Good luck!


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