00-Newbie? Start here!

Latex newbie, waar begin je met het maken van latex kleding
00-Newbie? Start here!
Where are you going to start in the special world of latex clothing?
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Welcome Latex Newbie!

Great that you found our website! Quite tricky if you are not yet familiar with latex. Or maybe you are already a bit familiar with latex and have you already worn latex clothes and now want to make something yourself. But then ... where do you start? Indeed ... with us! Because we can imagine that it can make you dizzy in the beginning ...

Sit back and read these steps for a moment ... then you know where to start before the latex party can begin ...

Step 0 - Whether or not allergic to latex?

Are you allergic to latex gloves and condoms? Then you are unfortunately also allergic to our latex. We only sell natural latex, so no synthetic latex. 

Step 1 - For whom do you want to make something out of latex?

It is important to know for whom you are going to make something. Because on that basis determine the design, the colors and, for example, the thickness of the latex. Because someone who sits quietly on the couch at home needs a different outfit than someone who, for example, is a stripper where the latex clothes will go on and off several times in one evening. Or a lady with very large breasts needs more support and firmness than a lady with small breasts.

Step 2 - The choice of the thickness of the latex to be used

The majority of latex clothing is made in 0.40 thickness. It is a nice thickness to work with and to wear. The thicker the latex, the firmer but also the stiffer. We sell very thin latex (0.25 mm) to super thick latex in 1.05 mm (comparable to a bicycle tire).

You can easily make a skirt / dress from 0.40 / 0.50 mm latex. But for example, if you want to make a cool men's skirt, we recommend thicker latex. Because otherwise it is not a cool men's skirt but it flutters around the man like a summer skirt ... and they often do not want that.

You can also easily combine various thicknesses with each other.

Step 3 - The choice of the color of the latex

Of course you have complete freedom in this! There are no rules of 'that's how it should be'. Release the image of standard latex clothing in standard latex stores. Think very differently! Because if you have made something yourself it is so nice that other people will notice it! So combine fun!

We sell a can with all available latex colors. Handy for use in color choices for yourself or for the people for whom you want to make something. Because the colors on the screen of a PC, laptop, tablet and mobile can differ from the actual colors.

Step 4 - Choose the pattern to use for your new latex outfit

Don't let patterns fool you! There are designers who will tell you that 'it is very difficult'. Nothing could be further from the truth if you just think and measure is calm! To make it easy for you, we have a number of basic patterns in our range, both for ladies and gentlemen. Everyone (including beginners) can handle this very well. With most patterns you immediately get all available sizes and a work description, so super handy..

Do you want to draw patterns yourself? Then you can follow one of our online pattern drawing courses (workshops). Step by step, point by point, draw a pattern all by yourself.

And about twice a year we organize a group workshop pattern drawing (in Rotterdam) together with Modevakschool Ensaid in Rotterdam. They are always fully booked quickly.

Step 5 - Which haberdashery do you need?

OK! You now know what you are going to make and for whom. Now it's time to decide which haberdashery you need. Zippers? Press buttons? Eyes / Eyelets? Cord? D rings? Buckles? Nice necklaces? Sky is the limit!

Step 6 - What tools and types of glue do you need?

We are almost there ... you now know what haberdashery you need. But of course you also have to confirm that. You can of course stick the latex with the latex glue and zippers with zipper glue. We also sell pressure clamps and pinhole clamps to place the snap fasteners and eyelets.

● Latex
● Latex glue
● Zipper glue (if you are going to place zippers, press buttons, eyelets)
● Tassel
● Rolling knife
● Pressure roller
● Cutting mat
● Cutting ruler
● Thinner (we use the OK Gamma brand ourselves, cheap and works great)
● Ballpoint or soft colored pencil to mark the latex
● Pattern
● Our book (= useful for a flying start)
● Hole pin (if you are going to place snaps and / or eyelets)
● Vario / pressure forceps (if you are going to place snaps and eyelets)
● Maintenance products to make it shine nicely afterwards
This is a basic list. You also need other things depending on what you are going to make. But if you are only going to make skirts ... then you do not need tongs, of course ... but if you have completed the steps above, then you would of course have already found out ...

We also sell ready-made starter kits. The content of each package is described. Click here for the offer. You can of course supplement the package even further with items that you need extra, such as patterns for latex clothing.

Any doubts? Then our workshops are in a good starting point. You can also follow the latex workshops online. Or start at home with our latex course book. The book will help you get started step by step through a number of exercises in the super fun latex world!

And from our many years of experience, we now know that EVERYONE ... yes, anyone can make latex clothes. Young, old, male, female, creabea, construction worker, notary, housewife, director ... anyone can make latex clothing.

And beware ... making latex clothes can be very addictive!

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