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We sell two types of latex

  • Latex from the roll, linear meter, made by machines in the factory

  • Latex that we make ourselves by hand

Latex and datex in the role of the factory:

  • Varies in width ± 92/120 cm. Datex ± 135 cm.

  • Thickness varies from 0.25 mm to 1.05 mm.

  • The thickness can also vary slightly in the lap, a manufacturer can never give guarantees on the exact thickness, so neither can we. This also applies to small irregularities or folds in sheet.

  • Maximum length is 10 meters in one piece.

  • The latex is made by machines.

  • The color can always deviate per batch. This can be done per thickness, but also in the same thickness and also for trims! So always order enough latex for your project so that you do not have a color difference in a garment.

  • White latex is never white, always off-white/cream. White latex is extremely sensitive to contact with other materials/products. There may be light streaks/stains on the back from the factory due to the manufacturing process.

  • Some colors are slightly transparent due to the pigment, such as neon, metallics and pearlsheen. But this also occurs with some light colors.

  • After washing, all latex (from the roll or handmade) can 'stick' together; avoid this by rubbing it with silicone (water-based) or talcum powder.

Exclusive handmade latex:

Are you tired of black and red? Are you up for something new, something because others don't have it yet? Then you are in the right place! We have super cool, beautiful, beautiful, special and separate latex in the range. Latex with a print or latex with relief and structure. We have shown some samples to various customers, and they were super excited as expected! "It looks like silk" and "Uh, it's really latex ?!"

  • As indicated, the latex is handmade. We are not a machine, we are not a printer and we are not a copier and there are no printers to print latex sheets. So there can always be imperfections, a line or dot where no line or strip 'belongs', a wipe, a bubble... an air bubble, yes that can all occur.... The front is high-gloss smooth and the back is semi-gloss/matte and is sometimes smooth and sometimes a bit rougher.

  • This exclusive luxury latex is sold per sheet in various sizes. That's because the latex is 100% HANDMADE! That is why it is not delivered on roll, but per sheet. Maximum per sheet is ± 95 cm x ± 150 cm.

  • Because this latex is made 100% by hand, color differences, level differences and unevenness such as small holes or crackle can occur, or bumps or a few small orange or other colored dots, so keep that in mind. And this does not affect the quality. Sometimes we cut off bad corners beforehand. The thickness can vary per lap with a deviation of 0.2 mm. But of course we strive to make 1 thickness in the piece. With sheets such as camouflage, marble and in other sheets, colors were on/under other colors, there are always thicker and thinner parts.

  • Our latex is not printed. So the design always remains.

  • Latex is being painted; can release pigments, it will 'bleed'. So pay attention to that when you lay latex sheets of different colors on top of each other. With handmade latex, the pigment is stronger than latex from the roll. If you make latex clothes, use thinner. That is a paint remover, so even then the latex can sometimes give off on your cloth.

  • If you want a specific color, please let us know the RAL code. We can match the code 90-95%. Why not 100%? Because the natural color of liquid latex itself also has a color, namely light yellow, which always affects the final color. The darker the RAL color, the better we can match.

  • You always view RAL colors on a RAL color fan in your hand, NEVER on a screen / app due to color deviations of screens.

  • Some pigments are not opaque. The latex is then (semi) transparent. This can be the case with light colours, reds, metallics, glitters, etc.

  • Depending on the technique used, an image, line or pattern is made in a thin or thick layer. With a thin layer, the background color always shines through. So a thin layer of white on black is transparent white, so the black comes through the white and the white will be greyish. Also yellow on black, pink on black, etc. In this way, white on eg yellow or pink is almost invisible. But with, for example, lava latex where the lines are extremely thick, the color is again clearly visible. So take a good look at the various sheets and then you can estimate for yourself whether or not something is technically possible.

  • Order enough sheets of a design or color. Because there may be color differences in the sheets per batch. So if you order a sheet in a certain color today, and you order the same sheet the next day, or the next week or year in the same color, the color may be different. We make the pigments and colors per batch. So the colors are the same per batch.

  • On some image sheets, the images are sometimes made of a very thin layer of latex. So that can sometimes shine through. White is also not always white but off white / cream. So take a good look at the photos and videos or ask us in advance if in doubt!

  • With glitter latex, the special glitter is INSIDE the latex. They do not fall out of the latex. You will not get scrapes from it ☺. There may occasionally be micro flakes of metal between the glitter which can give an orange tip after the latex has dried. This is not at the expense of the quality of the latex. It only stands out with light colors. Glitters are 'things', glitter does not stretch, so we add glitter in moderation because the latex naturally changes if it contains things that are not flexible and do not stretch with the latex. So there is a difference of tension in the latex. Glitter does not stick to the latex, so with a lot of pulling power there is room around a glitter. Moisture can get in there. See also our blog about this. Latex with glitter can sometimes be a bit thinner in some places. So order thicker latex if you are going to make tight clothing (0.70 / 0.80). But it is actually not recommended to make tight clothing from glitter latex.

  • With the latex with relief, talcum powder can get stuck between the grooves, so rinse well with water.

  • White latex (but also other light colours) are extremely sensitive to contact with other materials/products. There may be orange dots, mini fabrics, etc. We have no influence on that. We make the latex in a clean environment, but it is of course not a sterile operating room like in a hospital. If you are going to order light latex, you accept that.

  • All latex is made in 1 room. We therefore do not have a separate room for red latex, a room for black latex, a room for glitter latex, a room for white latex, a room for yellow latex, etc. A splash of a different color can therefore always end up in a sheet during the processing of liquid latex. This is of course more noticeable if a sheet is made in 1 color or if the sheet is made up of several colours.

  • We only make our own designs. It is therefore not possible to submit your own design.

  • We do not accept returns for a “defect” if it appears that the latex (handmade or from the factory) has not been used normally. Abnormal use is, for example, forcing sheets or parts of sheets into force, or forcing objects or body parts into the latex with force, causing deformations in the latex. Swimming in the sea, swimming pools, saunas etc etc. Or if it has come into contact with silicone objects such as sex toys, key rings or other products made of silicone.

  • Just like the other latex, this latex cannot be returned either. Latex is cut to size or made to measure or made with specific color requirements from the customer. Under no circumstances do we take latex returns (also no strips). Because latex is very sensitive to light, heat, UV, temperature differences, metals, touch, coming into contact with other colors of latex, moisture, sweat, smoke, blood, fragrances and dyes etc. etc., we cannot take it back and reselling because we don't know what happened to the returned latex. In this way every customer is assured of a good piece of latex.

Rush orders are possible (but not always).Rush fee is 30% extra on the entire order  (excluding shipping costs).


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