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Learn to make your own latex clothing step by step!

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Book 'How do you make latex clothing?' (2023 edition)
Book 'How do you make latex clothing?' (2023 edition)

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Book 'Make latex clothing yourself (2021)
Book 'Make latex clothing yourself (2021)

Our book with step by step explanation how you can make latex clothing yourself. (only in Dutch) Read more

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When we started our workshops years ago, there was a great demand for a reference work with all the information that was given during the workshops. As a result, we have written this book which describes step by step how to make latex clothing. If you follow the book step by step, you can easily make your own latex clothes afterwards. It is about the technology.Everyone who follows a workshop with us (basic workshop) receives the white book in the package. The pink book (edition 2023) is only for sale via Amazon.


What is the difference between the 2 books?

- The white book is the 'light' version (edition 2021), it is not as extensive as the new pink book.
- The pink book is the latest book (edition 2023) and much more extensive. The contents of the white book are also in the pink book.
- You can order the white book (63 pages) directly from us.
- The pink book (490 pages) can only be ordered through Amazon (it is printed by Amazon).

The white book is available in 4 different languages:
- Dutch, English, German, French

The pink book is available in 5 languages (only via Amazon):
- Dutch, English, German, Spanish and French.

Where to buy?

- The white book is for sale in our own webshop (click at the top of the page).
- The pink book can be purchased via Amazon (click here).


9789081170130 Nederlands
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9789081170154 Deutsch
9789081170192 Español
9789081170161 Français

- 490 pagina's
- ± A4 formaat (21,5 cm x 28 cm)
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- ± 1,2 kg
- Full color
- Soft cover