Welcome Newbie!

Super nice that you found our website! Quite difficult if you are not familiar with latex yet. Or maybe you are already familiar with latex and have you ever worn latex clothes and you want to make something yourself. But yes ... where do you start? Indeed ... with us! Because we can imagine that it can get you dizzy in the beginning. Sit quietly read these steps for a moment ... then you know where to start before the latex party can start ...

Step 0 - Whether or not allergic to latex? And uh... pregnant?

Are you allergic to latex gloves and condoms? Then you are unfortunately also allergic to our latex. We only sell natural latex, so no synthetic latex.

Are you pregnant? Latex cleaning is done with thinner. And I can get into the bloodstream ... so making pregnancy and latex clothes is not a handy combination ..

Step 1 - For whom do you want to make something?

It is important to know for whom you are going to make something. Because based on that determine the design, the colors, and for example the thickness of the latex. Because someone who is sitting quietly on the couch at home needs a different outfit than someone who is stripper, for example, where the latex clothing will go on and off several times in one evening. Or a lady with very large breasts needs more support and firmness than a lady with small breasts.

Step 2 - Choice of the thickness of the latex

The majority of latex clothing is made in thickness 0.40. It is a fine thickness to work with and to wear. The thicker the latex, the firmer but also the stiffer. We sell very thin latex (0.25 mm) to super thick latex in 1.05 mm (similar to bicycle tire).

A skirt / dress you can fine from 0.40 / 0.50 mm latex. But if you want to make a tough men's skirt for example, we recommend thicker latex. Because otherwise it is not a tough men's skirt but it flutters like a summer skirt around the man ... and they often do not want that.

You can also easily combine various thicknesses with each other.

Step 3 - Choice of the color of the latex

Of course you have all the freedom in this! There are no rules of 'that's how it should be'. Let the image separate from the standard latex clothing in the standard latex stores. Just think very differently! Because if you have made something yourself it is so nice that other people notice that! So combine it with pleasure!

We sell a can with all available colors of latex. Handy to use in color choices for yourself or for the people for whom you want to make something. Because the colors on the screen of a PC, laptop, tablet and mobile can deviate from the actual colors.

Step 4 - Choice of the pattern for the new latex outfit

Do not be fooled by patterns! There are designers who will tell you that that is 'very difficult'. Nothing is less true if you just think and measure is knowing! To make it easy for you, we have a number of basic patterns in our range, both for ladies and for men. Everyone (including beginners) can get along well with this. With most patterns you immediately get all available sizes and a work description, super handy. 

Do you want to draw your own designs? Then you can follow one of our online pattern drawing courses (workshops). Step by step, point by point, you draw a pattern yourself.

Step 5 - Choice of required haberdashery

OK! You now know what you are going to make and for whom. Now it's time to decide which haberdashery you need. Zippers? Press buttons? Eyelets? Cord? D-rings? Buckles? Nice chains? Sky is the limit!

Step 6 - Choice of tools and glues

We are almost there ... you know now which haberdashery you need. But you also have to confirm that. Of course, you stick the latex with the latex glue and zippers with zip glue. We also sell presses and tie rods to place the push buttons and eyelets.

What else do you need to get started quickly at home?​

  • Latex
  • Latex glue
  • Zip glue (if you are going to place zippers, snaps, eyelets)
  • Tassel
  • Rotary cutter
  • Pressure roller
  • Cutting mat
  • Cutting ruler
  • Thinner (we use the OK brand of the Gamma, cheap and works fine)
  • Ballpoint pen or soft color pencil to mark off the latex
  • Pattern
  • Our book (= handy for a flying start, but only in Dutch, but with a lot of pictures)
  • Hole-rod (if you are going to place push-buttons and / or eyelets)
  • Vario- / pressure tongs (if you are going to put press-studs and eyes)
  • Care products to make it shine afterwards

This is a basic list. Depending on what you are going to make, you also need other things. But are you going to make skirts ... then you do not need tongs ...

We also sell turnkey starter kits. Of course you can supplement the package even further with things that you need extra, such as patterns for latex clothing.


Still some doubts? Then our workshops are a good starting point. Or start at home with our latex course book and the online video's. The book will help you step by step in the super cute latex world through a number of exercises!

And from our years of experience we now know that EVERYONE ... yes everyone can make latex clothes. Young, old, man, woman, creabea, construction worker, notary, housewife, director ... anyone can make latex clothes.

And beware ... making latex clothes can be very addictive!