Exclusive latex

► It is currently not possible to have latex sheets made to order.
► Please do not send designs/sketches made by yourself or others for exclusive latex, we only work with our own designs.

Looking for cool and special latex sheets?

And are you tired of black and red? Are you up for something new, something because others don't have it yet? Then you are in the right place! We have super cool, beautiful, exclusive, unique, beautiful, special and separate latex in the range. Latex with a design, print or latex with relief and 3D structure. Because if you still want to stand out ... then of course you have to do it well!  Did you know that less than 10 people worldwide can make this kind of exclusive handmade sheets? So it is really very special!  The exclusive latex is made entirely by hand in the Netherlands. So there are no printers to make these types of sheets.  We made some cool video's of the exclusive sheet latex, you watch them on YouTube (click here).

We only make our own designs. It is therefore not possible to have your design made by us.

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