Latex repair kit

Put together your own latex repair set here

It is very disappointing if your super beautiful latex clothing is torn or damaged. You can then have the clothing repaired by someone. But that is very pricey. It is smarter (and more fun!) To repair the latex garment yourself. It is really easier than you think! Choose your requirements and put together your own latex repair kit very quickly.

What else do you need?

Thinner (we work with thinner from the hardware store such as Gamma, Karwei, Praxis, Hornbach, etc.).

Zipped out?

Then you need latex glue AND zip glue, because the textile of the zipper does not stick with latex glue on latex. First coat the zipper with zip glue, let it dry well, and then a layer of latex glue, and only then on the latex.

And then?

Read the manuals of the adhesives and tips for thinner for the best result. click here


Latex Repair kit
Latex Repair kit

Put together your own latex repair package here Read more

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