12 Repair of cracks in latex

latex kleding reparatie repareren scheuren scheur zelf doen hoe waar
12 Repair of cracks in latex


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12 Repair of cracks in latex

- A crack can happen! And that is easier to repair than you think.
Click here and watch the trailer.
- Supporting documents? No.

General information

What can you see on the videos?
- They are not 'bla bla' videos but just to the point!
- The process is shown step by step.
- The videos are not spoken in any language but only subtitled in Dutch.
- Only one pair of hands, a cutting mat, latex, tools etc; so there are no people in the picture.

After payment, you will receive within 24 hours (during working days):
The link for the video via email + the patterns / documents (if applicable) via regular mail (shipping costs are charged for countries other than the Netherlands). The price per video includes the documents (only the Netherlands). No settlement / refund will take place if you would have bought or received certain cartridges earlier or otherwise have them in your possession.

You get access to the video for 30 days after opening the link.

Right of withdrawal
It goes without saying that the right of withdrawal does not apply to online videos. When paying, you as a customer agree with our terms and conditions, direct delivery and therefore waive your cooling off period and the right of withdrawal. You expressly agree that as soon as you click on a Rent / Rent / Buy button or any other button to play / buy / rent the video or use / enter a code / coupon, you no longer purchase can undo and have no cooling off period / right of withdrawal.

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