Bulges in my latex sheet / clothing

bulten in latex
Bulges in my latex sheet / clothing
Suddenly they are there ... strange bulges in the latex, as if marbles had been underneath ...
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Strange bulges in my latex sheet / clothing

You may recognize it ... or not, but then you will know for the future! Sometimes strange small or large bulges spontaneously form in the latex. This can be in latex clothing, or in latex sheets or handmade exclusive latex sheets.

They can have arisen in different ways ...

- the latex has been trapped
- there was something heavy on the latex on a soft surface
- it has been in contact with solid silicones such as sex toys

Latex that has been deformed by trapping usually returns to its original shape (not always). You can help that process by laying it flat and putting something heavy on it (which is smooth, of course) or just leave it alone.

Latex that has been deformed by solid silicone is unfortunately damaged beyond repair. Latex and solid silicone hate each other.
There are many types of silicone in various compositions and qualities. Some silicones attack the latex, some silicones do not attack the latex. This is due to the plasticizers in some silicones. Unfortunately, you cannot tell from the outside of an item what it is made of. It is also not always stated on the packaging.

Therefore, we recommend that you err on the side of caution... just avoid the combination of products made from silicone in combination with latex. You can be sure that nothing can happen. The silicone attacks the latex and expands and deforms, the latex becomes weak and sometimes sticky and porous. Unfortunately there is nothing more that can be done about that!

Please note... this concerns articles and products made of silicone! This does not apply to the water-based liquid silicone that can be used to make latex shiny.

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