Cutting mat A4 (21x30cm) - USED

Snijmat a4 zelfsluitend groen cm inches graden dubbelzijdig flexibel 3 lagen
Cutting mat A4 (21x30cm) - USED
These cutting mats have only been used a few times for workshops.
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Variatie: Cutting mat A4 (21x30cm) - USED

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A cutting mat .. of course that is a must if you are going to make latex clothing.

Because the roll cutters, rotary cutters, are super sharp and you also want them to stay super sharp.

We still have a few used A4 cutting mats. They have been used for a few workshops.
It is possible that lines are sometimes less clear, but otherwise they still look good and can be used for years to come.
We have them in green and blue, you will receive a random color.

Why do you need a small cutting mat?
Because that is handy if, for example, you have already glued together a piece of clothing and you still have to cut some edges, etc. You cannot slide a large mat into the garment and of course you can place such a small handy A4 or A5 format! Also consider repairs to existing clothing. You can easily slide in small handy cutting mats! And such a small size cutting mat is also useful if, for example, you are only going to cut applications, you do not need that much space.

- All cutting mats consist of various layers with a flexible core so that you do not cut through.
- Each cutting mat can be used on both sides
- Self-healing top layer
- Flexible core

The mat may differ per delivery, some have an extra degree grid.

Store the mat horizontally. If you store it vertically, the mat can deform. That does not detract from the quality of the mat. Because if you place the mat on a horizontal surface, it will automatically become flat again. Are you in a hurry? Then grab a hair dryer. Then the flexible core and the mat become warm and then the mat becomes flat again.

The above also applies to transport! It may therefore be that if we have sent the mat to you, it will be slightly deformed due to transport. Unfortunately, that is unavoidable with cutting mats. Just lay down flat and / or heat and he is super flat again!

NEVER place a cutting mat in the sun or on a heater or against a heater etc.

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