Different color systems RAL RGB CMYK Pantone

Verschillende kleursystemen
Different color systems RAL RGB CMYK Pantone
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The differences between the various color systems

All latex sheets we make are made from liquid latex. Liquid latex naturally has a creamy white color. If you make a sheet of latex in a specific color with us, we will add pigments to it ourselves. This way we can make latex sheets in thousands of colors!
We work with the RAL color system. RAL has a color palette of more than 2000 colors. So if you want a sheet made in a specific color, you tell us the RAL color code.

But some customers want to have a sheet made in a color from another system, for example an RGB color, or CMYK, or Pantone, etc.
It all seems the same, but it isn't. Below are the differences between those systems.


This is a color system consisting of a set of numbered colors, each with a unique number. RAL colors are fixed and standard, which means they always have the same appearance. We use this system for the pigments for the latex.


RGB stands for Red, Green and Blue. It is a color system used for digital images on screens such as computers, TVs and smartphones. With RGB, colors are created by combining different amounts of red, green and blue light. This system is useful for digital designs and is widely used in graphic design and web development.


CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (Key). It is a color system used for printed matter, such as brochures, magazines and posters. In CMYK, colors are created by mixing different amounts of these four ink colors. It is important for printing because it provides better color reproduction on paper than RGB, which is used on screens.


Pantone is a brand name for a standardized color system used in the printing and fashion industries. The Pantone system has an extensive range of colors with unique codes. It is often used for logos, branding and specifying exact colors in designs. Pantone colors are consistent and predictable, which is important for maintaining a consistent brand image.

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