Help... my latex is discolouring... how is that possible?

miss fetilicious latex model
Help... my latex is discolouring... how is that possible?
Latex is a natural product and will discolour after a few years unfortunately...
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Help... my latex is discolouring... how is that possible?

Latex is a natural product. It is the sap of the rubber tree.
In order to make latex sheets, little is added other than water, ammonia and color pigments.

Under the influence of light, heat, UV, ozone, etc., the latex will discolour from transparent natural to amber colored.
Sometimes it's fast, sometimes it's slow. It applies to all natural latex. So also for all the latex that is sold by factories, wholesalers, shops, fashion designers, etc.

The lighter a latex sheet is in color, the better it is visible. It is not noticeable in dark colors such as black, blue, green and brown, etc.
It will especially stand out with transparent colors and light colors such as white and pink.

The latex will discolor to amber color. But depending on the color of the latex, it will give a different result because the amber color affects the existing color.

So transparent natural will become amber colored.
Transparent pink will become more caramel, because pink + amber = caramel.
White latex will darken, towards light beige, because white + amber = light beige
Pink latex will become more salmon-colored, because pink + amber = salmon
Jade green latex will also darken slightly, etc.

It is due to the influence of light, temperature, UV, ozone and basically everything that influences the latex. It is a natural process that cannot be stopped.
Of course it is important that you always maintain your latex clothing well and keep it in the dark to prevent the process from going faster...

You can see it very well in these pictures of Miss Fetilicious.
There you can see the difference of color change from transparent pink to caramel in a period of 3 years.

This photo was used with permission from Miss Fetilicious.
The blouse is made by Sebastian Cauchos.


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