glitters voor glitter latex
Glitter is glitter... you would think. But depending on the background, it may look different.
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Glitter overview

Below you can see the available glitters.

So these are only the glitters, without latex!
The glitter still needs to be mixed with latex. You choose a background color yourself. Not everything is possible, so first take a look at the sheets with glitter that we have already made. The holographic glitters only come into their own with a black background, only then you can see the beautiful rainbow effect.

The effect per glitter color is different with different backgrounds. So, for example, if you have gold glitter and a red background, it will look different than gold glitter on a black background, etc. It is also possible to choose no background color. Then the latex is natural transparent with only the glitters. That will of course look different.

And don't forget... glitters are 'things', they don't stretch, they can be seen in the latex, they don't 'melt', etc. The latex will therefore always be weaker than latex without glitter. The glitter cannot be felt, the latex is smooth on the front and back.

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Colors on screens may differ from actual colors.

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