Heavy rubber strip - ROLL - 5 cm wide - 2 mm thick

Heavy rubber strook  - ROL - 3 cm breed - 2 mm dik
Heavy rubber strook  - ROL - 3 cm breed - 2 mm dik
Heavy rubber strip - ROLL - 5 cm wide - 2 mm thick
Yes indeed, sometimes it needs to be a bit firmer!
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Price per: roll (=10 meters)

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These strips are not made of natural latex but of solid rubber in deep black.

Very suitable for making belts, or handcuffs, cuffes, collars, a harness, etc. Also very suitable for making constructions that will be pulled or weight attached.

There are hardeners in this rubber. It is still very flexible but it does not stretch like natural latex. So that is why you can immediately make a belt out of this. Holes in, nests, a buckle and ready !! No hassle with twill tape and layers on top of each other. But it is of course possible if you want to strengthen it extra.

Which is also an advantage ... you can stick parts together with contact glue. Mega and super important ... degrease, degrease and degrease. Even better is to sand it lightly with a sandpaper with a fine grain. Then degrease with thinner. Dry well. And then paste. The bison kit transparent from Bison is a fine glue. But there are several contact adhesives that work great. Please note ... first read the manual of the adhesive that you are going to use, because not every adhesive works the same!

However, sticking is not always necessary.

You can, for example, secure a belt with holnits. But if you don't trust that, then first glue it and then the holnites. Tip ... make holes first !!

And great to cut with a sharp roller knife. Really cut at an angle of 90 degrees, because you will see obliquely cut!

How much do you need for a rubber belt?

Waist circumference + 15 cm is a good guideline for both men and women.


Mind you, because it is rubber, it also smells something else. Some love it, some hate it! Soak a night in fabric softener (or something else with a nice scent).

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