How do you maintain and store latex and rubber clothing?

Hoe onderhoud en bewaar je latex en rubber kleding?
How do you maintain and store latex and rubber clothing?
A lot of nonsense has been told about this in the fetish scene for many years. So we would like to tell you how it should be done.
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How do you maintain and store latex and rubber clothing?

We regularly receive questions about how to clean, maintain and store latex and rubber clothing. In the fetish scene a lot has been said about nonsense for many years. So we would like to tell you how it should be done.

Store latex and rubber clothing

Storing latex clothing is not that difficult. Of course you can buy very luxurious expensive clothing bags. Which can. We wouldn't. After cleaning and especially drying the latex clothing, place the clothing horizontally. On top of that you put a strip of paper (for example from that simple brown wrapping paper). And so you just make a pile of your clothes.

It is important to keep the clothes in the dark. Make sure that nothing sticks out and that everything is really in the dark. So using the sunbed in the dark is not in the dark if you regularly use the sunbed.

Clean and wash latex and rubber clothing

- Latex is very sensitive and prone to sweat, deodorant, hairspray, perfume, body lotion, blood, metals, smoke, etc. And just like normal clothes, you should really wash it after wearing the latex clothes.

- Usually 'lukewarm' water is recommended. That does nothing, because that is really too low a temperature for something to be cleaned. Your body temperature is on average about 38 degrees and fat melts at an average of about 45 degrees. So you just have to use warm to hot water. The water is just a bit too hot to touch, but of course not boiling water.

- To make a nice soapy water, just use a simple washing-up liquid. Years ago we said 'Dubro of Dreft' and then several other parties are going to parrot that indiscriminately ... so they have no idea why apparently. The brand really does not matter, a blank supermarket brand is also fine, but no aggressive agents such as Andy All-Purpose Cleaner and the like.The medium must degrease and not damage the latex of course.

- Just fine to get everything back and forth, just like with normal laundry.
- Then rinse everything well.
- And put it through some clean water again.

We are fans of Vivishine ourselves. It also has a nice cleaning agent. You add that to the new clean water (not too much!), Rinse everything again. And you are done!

Don't be alarmed ... the latex will discolour in contact with water. This is temporary and once the latex is dry again and at room temperature, it will be in the correct color again.

How do you dry latex clothing?

Beat the latex out first, so that all excess water is gone. Then pat dry with a lint-free cloth. And don't forget the zipper, fasteners and other hinges and locks. Latex is porous, so the water also penetrates the latex. So just leave it on a dry towel for a night or day and turn it every now and then. Do not hang on a wooden pendant! Wood can give off due to moisture. You can also use a hair dryer, not a paint burner ... that's too hot!

What shouldn't you do with latex clothing?

- Do not wash with oily products. Such as baby shampoo. A baby can handle it fine, but your latex cannot because it contains oil.
- Don't rub baby oil, olive oil, liquid baking products (yes, it really does).
- Do not rub your body with body lotion in advance, for example to easily get into that one latex legging ... oil.
- Do not repair with adhesive tape or bison sealant etc. - but with our special latex glue and it will stay in place really well.
- Not in the sun, not under the tanning bed, no daylight, no UV light.
Latex can bleed. So do not put white clothes and red clothes or latex on top of each other (all colors are susceptible to the pigment).
- Do not allow to come into contact with metals; if it can rust, it will affect the latex.
- Do not throw in a corner after a night out and wash the next day.
- Don't let latex freeze! Store between 5 and max. 25 degrees is fine (so do not bring a spare set of latex clothing in the winter ... that can freeze!)

Other useful facts about latex maintenance and a longer life

- Talcum powder (not baby powder); then it won't stick, but when you put it on you are white. So ViviShine is a handy option.
- If you can't put on those stockings yourself because you have long nails, let yourself be helped!
- Watch out with: jewelry (metal, but also sharp protrusions), pointed piercings, butts and cigarettes

The rotting of latex

Unfortunately ... the party is over! If the latex starts to rot, it cannot be saved. Not even through repair. Because once latex is rotting, it goes through the entire garment! Rot is caused by freezing, poor maintenance, too hot, too much UV light. The latex becomes as wet sticky liquorice or very crumbly. Don't waste your money by getting it fixed. It's like an infection. You can think of latex as all small rubber bands together. If 1 rubber band is infected, he hands it over to the next rubber band. And that's the way the rot spreads.

So then it is really time for a new outfit.

Not in the mood for all this hassle because you want to go to bed after that super fun festish kinky latex party?

Then just step into the shower with all the latex clothing on. Just wash the hairs with extra shampoo and little by little you pull out the latex clothing and rinse everything immediately. Lay flat on a clean towel. Then go to bed and do the above steps first in the morning. For real? Yes really!

Or not of course and just come and buy new latex with us and make a new latex outfit for the next time. kiss


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