I am looking for (extra) white latex

extra wit latex rubber sheet
I am looking for (extra) white latex
Many of our customers are looking for white latex. Unfortunately, we always have to disappoint them. Because it is very simple… white latex does not exist!
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I'm looking for (extra) white latex sheets

Many of our customers are looking for white latex. Unfortunately, we must always disappoint them. Because it is very simple ... white latex does not exist!

The latex is sold by manufacturers, suppliers and by us as "white" and also a "extra white" variant.

And of course, you "see" it on photos and you "see" that partygoers wear white latex clothes. But again, white latex does not exist.
Photos are of course edited in such a way that a photo looks nice. And when you are at a party, the light is of course not a bright fluorescent light and there are also no LED lights of course, which means you cannot see the color well.

Why is there no white latex?

It is actually very simple. Latex comes cream colored from the rubber tree. It is then mixed with water, ammonia and a number of ingredients for later processing and processing for the latex fashion industry, among others.

You cannot bleach latex, so it always retains its own color and becomes slightly darker after drying.

To make it a little more visual ... just think about mixing paint.
Red + blue = purple, blue + yellow = green, white + red = pink etc.
So: cream (latex) + white = cream!

We also make latex sheets ourselves and of course we have also tried to produce white latex. So we started working with various pigments that were all 100% white. We then did tests on the amount of pigment in the liquid latex. But unfortunately ... it always remains cream.

Also keep in mind that latex is a natural product and will darken over time. With some colors this is not noticeable at all, but with white of course it is unfortunately.

Therefore, there is no white latex.

But is that a problem? No! Because it contrasts white with other latex colors. So if you make a nice outfit in "white" or "extra white" latex, then everyone sees it as a white latex outfit. And the photos are always freshened up so that white looks fresh.

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