Latex - 40034 - Rainbow

Latex - 40034 - Regenboog Latex - 40034 - Regenboog Latex - 40034 - Regenboog
Latex - 40034 - Regenboog Latex - 40034 - Regenboog Latex - 40034 - Regenboog
Latex - 40034 - Rainbow
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  • The lines are over the short side, see the sketch accompanying the photos.
  • Width of lines is about 3 cm

The photos are (mostly) details of various parts of the sheet.

Also take a moment to watch the video (if any) of the latex, and you will see the latex move.

The colors of the latex shown may be different than you see or experience them. Because every screen (phone, television, tablet, computer, etc.) will display the colors differently. This is not only the case with latex but with all materials. 

All our latex is 100% handmade.
Also this sheet is completely handmade from liquid latex by ourselves in our own studio in the Netherlands.
So you can also see and feel that the latex is handmade. There are irregularities, the surface on the front/back can be uneven, the latex varies in thickness in a sheet, there may be air bubbles or small holes and so on. That's just part of handmade latex. 

There are no latex printers. 
Because we use special inks the images always stay on!

Glitters are "things' and not stretchy. Therefore, glitter latex is always weaker than regular latex without glitters. We do not recommend making tight clothing out of glitter latex.

Are you going to make something from this latex for your customers or friends? Then emphasize yourself that making latex sheets is a craft, that it is 100% handmade. Because many consumers really think that latex printers exist and that we just press a button and printed latex comes out of a machine. Unfortunately if only it were true... then everybody would have a printer at home right?

And because it's handmade latex, it takes a lot of time to make latex sheets, and so it's more expensive than latex made by machines, of which a few meters per minute are manufactured... 

Also please read the page 'IMPORTANT' before buying our latex

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