Rotary cutter 28 mm (ReStyle)

Rolmes 28 mm (ReStyle)
Rotary cutter 28 mm (ReStyle)
A solid and no nonsense knife rotaray cutter! He does what he has to do and does it well and quickly! Suitable for left and right handed.
€ 15,95
Price per: piece
Variatie: Rotary cutter 28 mm (ReStyle)

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28 mm roller blade for the slightly smaller jobs.

Indispensable when processing the latex! This rotary cutter is of very good quality. It is comfortable to hold due to the sturdy plastic handle. And recently the design has been slightly modified and the handle has been given rounded shapes. This ReStyle rotary cutter has a 28mm blade. It is important to handle a rotary cutter with care due to the sharpness of the blade to avoid injury. Using the slider, the knife can be placed in a safe position and pushed forward to use it.

Regular maintenance, such as replacing the blade and keeping the rotary cutter clean, extends the life and maintains the efficiency of the tool.

The blade can easily be replaced by loosening the screw.

Of course we also sell extra spare blades. Did you know that we also sell serrated and wavy blades for all our rotary cutters? Super fun to make special edges to your latex clothes!

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