ViviClean (latex) - 250 ml

Viviclean clean voor het schoonmaken wassen van latex kleding viviclean vivishine 250 ml
Viviclean clean voor het schoonmaken wassen van latex kleding viviclean vivishine 250 ml
ViviClean (latex) - 250 ml
Vivi Clean is a fine cleaning agent for latex, disinfectant and antibacterial.
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Wash lotion for latex and rubber clothing with disinfecting and antibacterial properties.

Thorough latex cleaning with best skin tolerance. ViviClean is the perfect wash lotion for latex clothing and toys with its intensive cleaning and being material-friendly. Due to its osmotic properties, moisture, dirt, odor or bacteria can settle into latex, and cleaning with a suitable agent is recommended. ViviClean has been specially developed for this purpose. It is very thin, so it mixes immediately and evenly with the water. This consistency makes sure it precisely reaches those areas in which impurities can settle and with its ingredients ensures a thorough cleaning. Odors, for example, either from smoky environment or from sweating are effectively neutralized. With all the washing power, ViviClean is particularly skin-friendly and very easy to rinse off without leaving residue.


Latex, as a product of nature reacts very sensitively to fats, oils and various types of metal! Fats or oils can soften and decompose latex and, in the worst case, lead to tears or the so-called latex cancer.

To prolong the enjoyment with your latex product, you should clean and maintain the clothing properly every time after wearing it.

Wash the clothes each time after wearing, preferably by hand in lukewarm water (30-40 ° C) using ViviClean . Wash the latex for at least 1 minute in it, and then thoroughly rinse with clear water.

In case of heavy soiling or odors, immerse the latex in ViviClean for a long time (about 30 minutes) to achieve maximum cleaning and disinfecting effects (but there are many metals on the latex such as buckles and press studs and eyes, that is not recommended).

As a dosage, we recommend adding approx. 15-20 ml in a few liters of water per wash. If a lot of ViviDress or ViviShine was applied on the latex, a second wash may be recommended.

For further care use ViviShine and get back that long-lasting shine.

Ingredients according to EE (648/2004)

<5% anionic surfactants, <5% amphoteric surfactants, preservatives (benzyl alcohol,

2-bromo-2-nitropropane-1,3-diol, iodopropynyl butylcarbamates).

Hazard information

Causes severe eye irritation.

P102 Keep out of the reach of children.

IN CASE OF CONTACT WITH EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for some minutes. Remove contact lenses if possible. Rinse further. If eye irritation persists, do seek medical advice / attention.

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