Glue - latex glue (150 ml)

Lijm - latexlijm (150 ml)
Glue - latex glue (150 ml)
Will only be shipped within Europe. Strong, transparent and fast-drying latex glue. So, draw the pattern, cut the latex, glue and ready to party!
€ 14,55
Price per: 150 ml
Variatie: Glue - latex glue (150 ml)

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Of course you need latex glue!

This glue is very strong and dries quickly. So before you know it you will have your garment ready! Our glue can be used immediately and has a long shelf life. After opening about 6 months (but always keep the cap on of course!). Without breaking the seal you can keep the glue for about 1.5 years.

For best results, read the manual before you get excited...
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