Workshop latex clothing - Saturday, Sept. 7, 2024 - 10 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. - Nieuw Weerdinge

Workshop latex clothing - Saturday, Sept. 7, 2024 - 10 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. - Nieuw Weerdinge workshop cursus zelf latex kleding maken workshop cursus zelf latex kleding maken workshop cursus zelf latex kleding maken
Workshop latex clothing - Saturday, Sept. 7, 2024 - 10 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. - Nieuw Weerdinge workshop cursus zelf latex kleding maken workshop cursus zelf latex kleding maken workshop cursus zelf latex kleding maken
Workshop latex clothing - Saturday, Sept. 7, 2024 - 10 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. - Nieuw Weerdinge
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(We speak Dutch during the workshops, but also English if there are participants who do not speak Dutch. But it's a real “Do” workshop, so if you don't speak Dutch or English, you're welcome too!).

Complete workshop making latex clothing

You know what you want.... you want to make your own latex clothing. To save costs or to make something different than what is available in stores, or to make for others, or to start your own label and web shop, etc. Then the full workshop Making Latex Clothing Yourself is really something for you ! A complete workshop with theory and of course a lot of practice! First theory, then we will practice with latex and then you make your own garment! Even if you have no experience whatsoever with fashion, making clothes or are not creative... with this workshop you will succeed!

A spicy to the point technical workshop... we teach you the technique of gluing, but also how to place a zipper, how to place press studs and nests / eyes, etc. After this workshop you are therefore perfectly capable of making all kinds of to make latex clothing.

You need 0.0 experience. Actually... the less you know about making clothes, the more successful you will be... sounds strange but after 15 years of giving latex workshops that is our conclusion....

What are the options to make?

● Women's skirt
● Women's halter top (closure you do at home + pattern is not suitable for large breasts because the model is without underwire)
● Women's panties, thongs, hipsters (fast and simpel)
● Fingerless gloves (fast and simpel)
● Men's boxer (challenge...lots of parts!)
● Men's tank top (=tshirt/cardigan without sleeves)
● Men's briefs
● Mask / hood (big challenge, just a lot of curves!)

Perhaps needless to say... ladies can make menswear and gentlemen can make womenswear... for yourself or for someone else, so really choose what you want to make!

Is your size larger than 100 cm? Then we advise you to buy extra latex if you are going to make a skirt or a tank top.

These are basic patterns, so that everyone can go home with a self-made piece of clothing. Mind you... 4 hours seems long but is sometimes too short for beginners to finish it. E.e.a. depends on... smoke breaks... call break, chat break, facebook break, talk a lot / talk little etc. However, for most people it is perfectly feasible to finish the garment.

You can also bring your own pattern...provided...already completely ready-made, in the right size, cut out of paper, so that it can be copied directly onto the latex and can be made from a piece of latex of 100 cm x 100 cm. We cannot guarantee that a garment based on your own pattern comes off in the workshop.

Unfortunately, there is no time to extensively adjust/change patterns. Of course we will make the mentioned basic patterns suitable together with you!
So we don't take off our clothes either....

After this workshop you are perfectly capable of making all patterns in latex! Ladies, gentlemen, crea bea, construction worker or two left hands... really anyone can make latex clothing themselves... really!

What do you get for tuition?

● 4 - 4,5  hours of lessons
● Latex for practice
● The white course book in which everything is clearly explained step by step
● 1 pattern of your choice
● Brush
● Rotary cutter
● Pen
● Wipes

Use of our tools and materials such as glue, cutting mat, etc.

NB! Exclusive latex!
● So you still have to buy latex yourself via the webshop.
● The thickness of the latex must be 0.40 or 0.50 mm.
● You can see for yourself which colors are in stock.
● Of course you can also buy ours exclusive handmae latex for the workshop.
● You need ± 100x100 cm.
● Is your waist circumference larger than 100 cm? Then you need more latex if you want to make a skirt; for example, if your size is 120 cm, you need 120 cm of latex.
● Are you going to make something small like a slip? Then 50 cm is sufficient.
● It is not possible to buy extra latex during the workshop. So make sure you buy at least 100x100 cm of latex.

Do you want to continue working at home?

● Then you can order extra materials via the webshop. Then we will make sure that it is ready before the start of the workshop. Materials are not sent in advance.
● At home you need, among other things: latex glue, rotary cutter, cutting mat, ruler, pressure roller, brushes, cloths for the thinner, talcum powder, zipper glue if you want to place zippers, haberdashery such as press studs, etc.
● Choose 'Workshop Nieuw Weerdinge' at the checkout in the shopping cart, then no shipping costs will be charged.
● It is not possible to buy materials during or after the workshop.

Also good to know... practicalities...

● Are you pregnant? Then you can NOT participate in the workshop. We work with thinner, which is harmful to the unborn child.
● Are you allergic to natural latex such as gloves and condoms? Then you can NOT participate in the workshop.
● We will work with thinner and glue. The doors/windows of the workshop will therefore sometimes be open to ventilate (also in winter). So you can possibly bring an extra sweater. Nothing is more annoying if you are cold during a workshop. Better one sweater too many than too few...
● Do you have (reading) glasses? Don't forget to take it with you...
● You will be standing most of the time, so wear comfortable shoes and clothes.
● You can park in the immediate vicinity within walking distance. There are free public parking spaces. Please do not park at the pizzeria and the eatery, that area is only for their own visitors. There are 2 parking spaces in front of the house, so don't park too generously so that a fellow student can also park.
● Leave as much stuff in the car as possible. The car is always nearby so you can quickly get something out of the car if necessary.
● Do you want to bring your own tools? You can, but write your name everywhere. We are not responsible for the loss or damage of your own tools / equipment.
● There are no shops nearby. So bring your own food if necessary. Coffee, tea and biscuits are provided.
● Only participants have access to the workshop (so drivers, etc. are not). No children and pets.
● View the route in advance. Unfortunately, we cannot help you navigate to the location.
● There is a Dutch flag on the house. To the right of the flag is the entrance. You can walk through to the back to the white doors. Please do not ring the doorbell at the residence.
● Bus stop is in front of the door.
● Don't be late, we start on time. But... don't come too early either, the doors open 15 minutes before the start.

Weerdinger kanaal NZ 243
7831 HS Nieuw Weerdinge

NZ = North side!
Near the Roswinkler bridge and a pizzeria and a car dealership.



●  Workshops will take place if there are enough participants (minimum 4 people per workshop). If there are not enough participants, registration will be moved to the next workshop. If you are unable to do so, you will receive a refund of the paid course fee.

● In case of bad weather in the winter period (snow, black ice, etc.) and in case of a heat wave in the summer, the workshops will not take place, you will then be notified.

● There is no refund. So also not in case of illness, corona, family circumstances, flat tire, navigation that has failed, lost car key, sick pets and children, strikes, etc. This means that the course fee will not be returned if you cannot attend or cancel, or not are present because you forgot, etc. You can always let someone else participate in your place. You expressly agree to this when registering and paying.
● The workshop starts on time. If you are later, the end time remains the same, so there is no extension of the time you were late.

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