Care of latex

vivishine onderhoud latex pvc kleding
Care of latex
Latex clothing can last for years, if properly maintained. Hereby we give you some tips.
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Maintain and store latex and rubber clothing

With normal use, latex and rubber clothing will last for years. But it is a special material, just like wool and silk, there are instructions for use to keep it beautiful.

What is normal use?
Put on, wear and take off.

What is not normal use?
Pulling on it unnecessarily, putting on a garment that is too small, pressing/pushing fingers or other objects into the latex with force, pulling around mannequins or objects, leaving it in water and/or soap for nights, in the microwave, washing machine or washing machine. or stop dryer... etc. etc.

● Store latex lying down in a dry and dark place.
● Not in light (sun, UV, daylight, tanning bed, etc.) due to discoloration and risk of drying out.
● Do not let the latex freeze, preferably not below 6 degrees Celsius.
● Avoid contact with metals; Over time, the chemical reaction will cause rust spots that will no longer go away.
● Avoid smoke/nicotine, perfume, deodorant, oil, sweat and blood.
● Keep away from lit cigarettes; When touched, a small hole is created that can quickly tear through.
● After use, wash in warm or hot soapy water with hand soap or dishwashing liquid (Dreft, Dubro, private label supermarket, etc.); then rinse and dry with a soft cloth. Sprinkle talcum powder on the inside and spray shine spray on the outside. Or completely in the vivishine (spray) or our own gloss and lubricant. Only use water-based products.
● Do not machine wash latex, do not tumble dry, do not iron.
● Do not place different colors of latex on top of each other; colors can transfer to each other (bleed).
● Do not leave the latex in water for hours or days/nights, as the latex will discolour.
● Water can cause water stains, but they will disappear on their own.
● During/after washing, the latex is usually slightly lighter in color, but this will change automatically.

This list is not endless... but use your common sense and handle latex clothing normally and you will enjoy it for years to come.


Always use all types of polish, shine, latex sprays, etc. outdoors! Because if you spill something, or a bottle falls over, or spray on the floor... everything becomes very slippery and it is difficult to remove (see the bottom of this page).

Talcum powder

Our own talcum powder is odorless, colorless and oil-free, so perfect for latex. Handy to sprinkle on the inside of latex clothing to prevent sticking, but also to put on. When making latex clothing, you use talcum powder to remove the stickiness from the glue.


Vivi Clean is a fine cleaning agent for latex, disinfectant and antibacterial. It is a detergent to make latex clothing nice and clean and fresh again.

How does it work:
Fill a container with water. Add 15-20 ml Vivi Clean to the water. Rinse the latex clothing in water for about 1 minute. Rinse with clean water. Finished! ​You can then soak the latex in a bath of Vivi Shine and the latex garment will be ready for the next party! Please note... avoid contact with eyes.


It is a maintenance product for latex clothing. After washing the latex, the latex is quickly provided with a protective layer.

How does it work:
Clean your latex using lukewarm soapy water with a little ViviClean. Rinse the latex well. Take new clean water and add Vivishine (ratio is 2 teaspoons to a washing up bowl with about 5 liters of water). Dip the latex through the water a few times. Now let it hang to dry
finished! Please note...don't use too much...because blue droplets may form, which is a disadvantage of Vivishine!

ViviShine FreshUp

Super handy wipes, individually packaged and impregnated with silicone. When you go to a party, that large aerosol with gloss spray doesn't always fit in a handbag or in your shirt pocket...

How does it work?
These wipes are individually packaged. Tear open the package. And... immediately ready for use, you rub the cloth over the latex and you're done!


Specially for easy donning of latex clothing. How it works: Pour a little Vivi Dress onto your hands and apply to the skin. Or spread it on the inside of the latex. You can now easily slip into your latex outfit.

Spilled? Used indoors? Everything smoothed out?

If you have spilled maintenance products, or the bottle has fallen over or you have used a spray in the bathroom, tile floor, parquet floor, etc., everything will be very slippery! So always use outside!

How do you remove it?

● You can start by removing most of it with a towel/mop.
● Then sprinkle with talcum powder.
● Let it sit for a while.
● Then remove everything with a damp cloth (not completely wet).
● Then mop with soapy water from an all-purpose cleaner and hot water (check whether your surface is resistant to all-purpose cleaner).
● The cleaning agent Dusty (from Wibra) also has a very good degreasing effect (also check whether your surface is resistant).
● It may still be a bit slippery. You can then consider removing the last residue with thinner. But be careful... the surface must be able to withstand this, otherwise it will be irreparably damaged!!

Also check out the tips page...

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