Want to make latex clothing yourself?

Then LatexRepair is the place for you! We sell various types of latex. Not only standard smooth latex in various nice colors and different thicknesses, but also super special handmade latex! So there is always something for you. And we also sell latex strips, liquid latex, latex samples, bandanas and also heavy industrial rubber for when it really needs to be tough and sturdy.

Tip... are you just starting your new hobby? Then start with latex of at least 0.40 mm thickness. Thinner latex is of course slightly cheaper, but much more difficult to process if you have no experience yet.
And good to know... latex is a natural product, it is colored with pigments. Just like paint and wallpaper, latex is made in batches. There may therefore be color differences per batch. For example, if you order a piece of red latex today, the color may always be slightly different if you place another order for red latex later. So always order enough for your project, so you can be sure that the latex comes from one batch, so there is no color difference. This also applies to strips, which always come from a different batch. There is a chance that a strip of latex will not have the same color as a piece of latex. No producer guarantees the same color from different batches.