Structure latex and colors...

hexagon latex hexagon latex hexagon latex hexagon latex
hexagon latex hexagon latex hexagon latex hexagon latex
Structure latex and colors...
Textured latex is super cool, but the effect is only visible with dark colors...
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What is the effect of color on latex structure?

Most people think that the effect of the textured latex is always the same, regardless of the latex color. Because yes, the pattern is the same, right?
Unfortunately that is not the case.

The reason? Light!

Light reacts differently to dark colors than to light colors. But not only light, also counts whether the surface is smooth, matt, rough or grainy, etc. With black latex you can see the structure very well. But with white latex, or yellow, or light pink, etc., you hardly see any structure. If you touch both colors, you will feel exactly the same structure, because it is just there.
Unfortunately, the light is the spoilsport. .

So do you choose textured latex? Then choose a dark color. The darker the color, the more beautiful and stronger the effect!

Video > White latex
Video > Black latex

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