Why Latex Repair?

We are the only website in the Netherlands that has almost everything to make latex clothing; Below is the website in a nutshell...

Latex what is that anyway?

Latex is not a fabric or textile. Latex is a natural product from the rubber tree that is processed so that you can make nice latex clothes. Sometimes people ask about pure white latex but unfortunately super white latex does not exist. That is because of the simple reason that no super white rubber comes out of the tree. The latex is always a bit off-white, so never really radiant white. Don't look at photos, because photo editing programs always adjust photos and the colors usually look slightly different than reality.

Our offer

Of course you can also buy latex per meter or latex per half meter. Do you have other wishes? Just mail us a little so that we can discuss the latex wishes with you. We sell latex in more than 60 different colors. The latex is available in different thicknesses. Consider the thickness of the latex of 0.25, 0.40, 0.50 and 1.05 mm. Depending on what you are going to make from the latex / rubber, you need a different latex thickness. Of course you don't make an elegant latex skirt from a thick latex of 1.05. Why not? Then the latex skirt falls around you like a brick. Or it is going to be wide spread. Of course you want the latex skirt cheerful and flamboyant or tight, so 0.25 or 0.40 mm is very suitable.

You want to make latex clothing from latex sheets / rags / fabric or you want to make something else from latex. Then you need glue: latex glue. There are different types of glue on the market. Sometimes it is very secretive about it. It is then told that the glue is expensive because it is waterproof. Well ... of course the glue must be waterproof, otherwise your latex clothing will fall apart. Do not dilute latex glue, because then the latex glue will be of lesser quality. To place zippers there is another glue, zipper glue.

Good tools are half the battle. Good tools are especially important when making latex clothing. Our advice is not to be tempted to buy 'cheap junk' because in this case, cheap is expensive. After a single use, bites and quenching are already added to the cutting blade. 

Latex clothing, bra and corset workshops

We are the only one in the Netherlands who organize super fun and fun latex workshops. We have more than 20 years of experience so we can certainly teach you something.

Making a latex clothing course is fun to do and really easier than you think. After a latex clothing training course or workshop you can apply the learned techniques everywhere. So after the workshop you can easily make your own latex clothing, from a simple skirt to a nice latex catsuit. You do not need any prior knowledge. Workshops can also be followed online with us.

Don't feel like attending a latex workshop? Then we sell a book that clearly explains and with clear photos how you can make latex clothing yourself. It also says what you need. It is even easier to buy a complete latex starter package, so you can get started right away. That is also very nice to give as a present of course.

Price quality

In comparison with other web shops on the internet, Latex Repair is cheap! There are websites that 'seem' cheaper, but pay attention! They publish the prices without VAT! So you seem to be cheaper, but if you look at the shopping cart after shopping, suddenly an additional 21% is charged! And that is very simple € 21 extra with an order of € 100!


Latex Repair regularly tries to place new products on the site, usually at the request of our customers. We are happy to think along with you!

Special exclusive handmade sheet latex!

We are the only company in the Netherlands (and as far as we know one of the two latex makers in Europe!) that makes latex sheets itself! Glitter sheets, galaxy sheets, or latex sheets with a tiger print or leopard design ... nothing is too crazy for us!


We are affiliated with Stichting Webshop Trustmark (and you can check this here yourself). Then you know that you are well protected as a consumer.

Honest reviews!

We are also affiliated with the Webshop Trustmark Real reviews from real customers.

Payment options

Very many payment options, such as iDeal, PayPal, AfterPay, Credit card, transfer in advance and afterwards, Bancontact, Sofortbanking etc.

Discreetly packed!

Everything is sent in a post box or envelope of brown or white cardboard, without our company name or other recognizable items. No commercials. It only has our own address.