02-Workshop latex bra (4 hours)

02-Workshop latex bra (4 hours)
02-Workshop latex bra (4 hours)
Always wanted to make a latex bra yourself? This workshop is the continuation of the latex clothing workshop.
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Always wanted to make a latex bra, but you don't know how?

Then follow this workshop Making Latex Bra! This workshop is only accessible to people who have already attended the basic latex clothing workshop with us. Or you have demonstrable experience in making latex clothing.

What do we do?

You get a pattern for a bra the size you specified. Unfortunately it is impossible for us to offer all sizes that exist. Is your size not listed? Then choose a size that is slightly larger, then you can adjust the bra at home later.

So we will not expose the breasts and take measurements and then draw a pattern. Why don't we draw a custom made bra exactly? Because making lingerie is a profession. Well-fitting lingerie (including latex) is custom-made. And it takes a lot of time, especially in customization / patterns. If you want to learn how to make well-fitting lingerie, we recommend that you follow a lingerie making course at a fashion vocational school.

Our latex bra making workshop is therefore purely latex technical. Cutting, pasting, assembly and in which order etc. are discussed. Of course we do give tips to keep in mind if something has to be bigger / smaller.

What do you get for the course fee?

● 4 hours of lessons
● 50 x 100 cm latex (the latex is more than sufficient for 2 bras, so you can still make one at home!)
● brackets
● haberdashery
● and of course coffee / tea and cookies ;-)

Good to know ...

● Unfortunately, there is no time to extensively adjust / change patterns. We will of course make the aforementioned basic patterns compatible with you!

Pay attention!

● Workshops take place with sufficient participants (at least 6 people per workshop). If there are not enough participants, the registration will be postponed to the next workshop. If you are unable to do so, you will be refunded for the course fee paid.

● In case of bad weather in the winter period (snow, black ice etc) the workshops will not take place, you will receive a message.

● We apply our general terms and conditions in the absence of the student for whatever reason (ie illness, family circumstances, flat tire, navigation it has failed, lost car key, sick pets and children, strikes etc etc.). This means that the course fee is not returned. You can always have someone else take part in your place. Please read the general terms and conditions carefully. You explicitly agree with this when giving up and paying.

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